Why choose us?

we are a local brick & mortar business

We live and work in the beautiful province of Saskatchewan. That’s in Canada folks! We think it’s important to say that up front because shipping mattress around the world is not really our thing. From our factory and store in the city of Saskatoon, our reach extends throughout Saskatchewan and into the provinces of Alberta and Manitoba, our prairie neighbours.

We are, in our hearts, retailers of the old school. We have an actual physical location, and we want people to visit our store to have real conversations with real people about their home furnishings needs.  Home furnishings are, afterall, investments in healthy, happy living… they make a house your home.

Our parents, with the practical wisdom of people who survived The Great Depression on the prairies, and the Second World War in Europe, inform our business to this day. Their advice: buy the best quality that you can afford from people whom you know and trust. Our folks had great respect for family businesses, and for people who made sales a career, not just a line in a resume.  In living up to our parents' expectations, we trust that we will meet yours. 

we are built on a strong Business Philosophy

We focus on one main business idea: building customer satisfaction on the cornerstones of high quality materials, expert workmanship, supervior value and excellent service.  That's why we partner with the very best suppliers and encourage our employees to become "masters in the art and science of sleep."

We have been mattress merchants and manufacturers for almost forty years.  We are a trusted source of information and advice. Our customers know that they can count on us to address their needs for comfort and performance in sleep products.  Whether for personal, commercial or institutional use, our sleep products meet expectations... and then some!

we provide superior Quality Assurance

When working with you on the selection and purchase of new mattresses, or sleep sets, our job is three-fold. First, we present information that helps you define the product quality that meets your needs and budget. Next, we explain just how we plan to meet your requirements.  And finally, we follow through in our commitments with on-time delivery of products made just for you.

The process of defining your needs, demonstrating our ability to meet them, and delivering on our promises is called Quality Assurance. Because we make every sleep set we sell, our quality process begins and ends with you, our customer.  There's nobody in the middle.  Your order is supervised by the company owners from start to finish - a personal commitment to quality that few companies can deliver. 

we are Committed to quality, Value, and trust (q = v + t)

Our goal is to meet or exceed your requirements for comfort, durability, safety and value. Whatever your budget, we are committed to delivering more comfort, more durability and more safety as compared to our competitors. We pledge "Better Beds for Less, Every Day."  It's our desire to earn your business by building superior products and offering reliable advice and service.

In our business, Quality means creating Value and Trust in ways that are meaningful to you, our customer.  Value is more than quoting a fair price.  It's about respecting your budget and giving you, or your organization, more purchasing power.  Trust is about relationships and building your confidence in us. It's the things we do, upon each successive contact, to demonstrate our reliability and integrity.