sleepers-made mattresses

Sleepers manufactures a full line of innerspring and foam mattresses right here in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. What’s the Sleepers difference? Let’s start with our commitment to using only the best North American-made materials in every mattress. We source some of the best-engineered spring systems available and use only the highest density foam materials in our support cores and toppers. Sleepers is a traditional (aka “old-school”) mattress manufacturer, which means that the vast majority of our mattresses are fully flippable and reversible by design. This means a longer lifespan and more consistent wear, not to mention the fact that fewer mattresses end up in the landfill.

our mattress menu

We like to think of our mattress-building process a bit like building a gourmet hamburger. Hear us out! The spring or foam support system you choose becomes the defining element of your bed, just like the meat (or veggie) patty in your burger. Next, you can start adding your toppings, selecting from an array of different comfort layers, just like you would with the condiments on your burger. There’s no right or wrong combination, just what feels best (or tastes best) to you. And just like a written description of a burger can never quite live up to the taste, the best way for you to feel the Sleepers difference is to come in to our showroom and sample our menu in person.