We want enthusiastic, quality-focused people to work in our retail store and factory.   Those with experience in home furnishings and related businesses are definite assets.   However,  if your skills, knowledge and experience are in unrelated areas, there still may be a place for you here.  We offer on-the-job training for people joining us from other industries or right out of school.   See yourself as a continuous learner? Great.  We can build on your strengths and interests.

What are the benefits of working at Sleepers and Spadina Industries?

  • Reasonable work schedule.  We don't work Sundays or Stat Holidays as those are the days to spend with family and friends.

  • Regular monthly salary.  Month end isn't a surprise as there are no complicated piece work or commission plans.  If you get a bonus; it's a bonus for a job well done or extra effort on the part of the team.

  • Contributions to employee-administered health plan.

  • Staff purchasing plan.  Select items made in our factory or sourced from our partners.


Our Sales Team consists of people who work in our retail store, and customer service staff who work with our institutional and commercial customers.  Delivery and installation staff are integral members of the Sales Team.  Members of the Sales Team need to be highly effective communicators, computer literate, detail and service oriented, and motivated to learn absolutely everything about the products that we sell.  


Our Factory Team consists of people who work with fabrics (cutting, sewing, quilting) and those who work with components (assembling wood frames, foundations, and of course mattresses).  Our mattress makers are a versatile bunch.   They are cross-trained to perform several tasks, including planning and organizing their daily work. Everyone pitches in when we need to move materials in, out and around the factory. They probably don’t need a gym membership! 

Factory positions include Factory Supervisor/Team Leader, Sewing Machine Operator, Quilting Machine Operator,  Tape Edge Machine Operator,  Mattress and Foundation Assembler,  Setup and Prep. 


Other positions include Retail Operations Support and Factory Operations Support.  People in these positions handle a wide range of back office functions such as accounts receivable and accounts payable, product pricing, purchasing, quality assurance and various administrative tasks.  These employees usually have earned a post-secondary business diploma from a technical college or a university degree in commerce or business administration.