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After a quarter century in the bed biz, we’ve answered thousands of questions about sleep and mattresses. We never tire of talking shop. But really, how much more do people need to know? Why is interest in one’s “night life” at an all-time high.

The answer lies in the Promise of Sleep. People know that restorative sleep is essential for good health, well-being and peak daytime performance. Yet, a good night’s sleep is an elusive commodity. A mattress, on the other hand, is a tangible one. Need better sleep? Get a better mattress.

Just what is the relationship between the quality of your sleep and the quality of your mattress? If there was a definitive answer, people wouldn’t be asking all those questions and these columns would not be necessary, I hope you enjoy our common sense approach to Mattress Matters and Sleep Solutions.

Saskatchewan ... Proud to Call You Home ... Continued from Home Page

We live and work in the beautiful province of Saskatchewan. That’s in Canada folks! We think it’s important to say that up front because shipping mattress around the world is not really our thing. From our factory and store in the city of Saskatoon, our reach extends throughout Saskatchewan and into the provinces of Alberta and Manitoba, our prairie neighbours.

We work here, because we love it here. Our climate may be harsh, with extreme cold in winter and extreme heat in summer. But it is “this place” that somehow makes people here so unique and amazing: warm and helpful, friendly and fun-loving, courageous and tolerant, industrious and innovative. There is a real sense here that business matters. And, the expectation that how you run your business is as important as what you have to offer.

We are, in our hearts, retailers of the old school. We have an actual physical location, and we want people to visit our store to have real conversations with real people about their home furnishings needs.  Home furnishings are, afterall, investments in healthy, happy living … they make a house, your home.  "How can we help?" 

Our parents, with the practical wisdom of people who survived The Great Depression on the prairies, and the Second World War in Europe, inform our business to this day. Their advice: buy the best quality that you can afford from people whom you know and trust. Our folks had great respect for family businesses, and for people who made sales a career, not just a line in a resume.  In living up to our parents' expectations, we trust that we will meet yours. 

Sleepers Mattress Factory

Store and Factory 110 Apex Street, Saskatoon, SK (near Costco) 

Hours Mon-Fri 10 am-6pm, Sat 9am-5 pm

Call  (306) 242.7378 or toll-free 800-665-2337